Topic outline

  • Welcome to the course!

    We are compiling the materials of the course here during February. 

    Also, please note that there are mandatory pre-requisites for the course (Real Estate Market Analysis). As you will not have the grades of the course published before the course starts, the enrolments in SISU will first be rejected. We will deal with this issue manually, so be patient.

    Regardless of SISU , all students who have completed REMA (or complete it now in 3rd period) are welcome to the course and students who have not completed the course cannot participate in the course.

    Course indicative schedule

    Date Topic
    27.2. Introduction
    28.2. Real estate returns
    6.3. 13.15- 17.00 Real Estate Indices, Return and Risk of Real Estate (Martin Hoesli)
    7.3. 10.30 - 12 and 13-14.30 Portfolio Diversification, Derivatives (Martin Hoesli)
    13.3. Implementing a real estate portfolio strategy and dimensions of diversification
    14.3. Alternative ways to invest in real estate
    20.3. Listed instruments (REIT+REOC)
    21.3. Private equity real estate funds
    27.3. Open-ended real estate funds
    28.3. Role of management
    4.4. Debt and real estate (I)
    5.4.Debt and real estate (II)

    Preliminary tutorial schedule

    Date Topic
    3.3. Risk and return 
    10.3. Indices and portfolios
    17.3. Portfolios
    24.3. Listed real estate and Private equity real estate
    31.3. Open-end funds and Management
     14.4.  Q&A (and Debt)