Topic outline

  • Welcome to the course!

    The lectures will be on Wednesdays and Fridays 10.15-12. 

    The preliminary lecture schedule (subject to changes) is as follows

    Weekly theme Date Topic Lecturer
    Week 1: Introduction
    Wed 26.10. Introduction to course and topic Heidi Falkenbach
    Fri 28.10. What does management of an asset entail? Case Salo IoT campus Jukka Vakula, Vantaan Valo
    Week 2: Management and organisation
    Wed 2.11. Managing resources Heidi Falkenbach
    Fri 4.11. Managing leasing Jussi Kivitie, Newsec
    Week 3: Strategic planning
    Wed 9.11. Property strategies Heidi Falkenbach
    Fri 11.11. Asset management Valtteri Bragge, Sponda
    Week 4: Financial asset
    Wed 16.11. Real estate management as part of the company's financial system Heidi Falkenbach
    Fri 18.11. Investing in a standing asset: Case of energy retrofits Jonni Ahonen, Leasegreen
    Week 5: Physical asset
    Wed 23.11. Property operations Anniina Saari
    Fri 25.11. Property management Niko Pulli, Technopolis Oy
    Week 6: Functional asset Wed 30.11. Added value of FM and CREM interventions Tuuli Jylhä,
    TU Delft
    Fri 2.12. Workplace management  Tuuli Jylhä,
    TU Delft
    Week 7: Exam Mon 5.12.2022 - confirm in Sisu Exam