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      Case Study Assignment
      Not available unless: You belong to L01 (SISU)
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      Brief description of your case study Assignment
      Not available unless: You belong to L01 (SISU)

      Submit a brief description of your study (~2-4 sentences) that identifies:

      • the external shock to a market
      • the outcome of interest
      • the source of empirical analysis (e.g., an academic paper)

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      Submit your debate outline here Forum
      Not available unless: You belong to L01 (SISU)
    • Homeworks are due right before each lecture
    • and are graded out of 6. 
    • One-third of the grade is for attempt. So, show your reasoning/process on paper even if you don't know the solution.
    • The solutions are scheduled to be automatically posted on MyCourses at the beginning of each lecture. So, if you unfortunately miss the deadline, you miss the homework problem. There is no room for exceptions.
    • Be clear and precise in your responses, and label your graphs appropriately.
    • I encourage working together whenever you can (but write your own distinct responses).

  • Worksheets from each lecture are due at the beginning of the next lecture. They are graded out of 2. You get a 0 for not turning in anything, a 1 for a partially complete worksheet, and 2 for a mostly complete worksheet.