Topic outline

  • Water supply and sanitation week combines the weekly theme and method with the help of entrepreneurship and innovation thinking (which is one of our key contexts), done in cooperation with Aalto Ventures Programme AVP. 

    The week consists of the following submitted tasks:

      • Thematic task: User research and pitch (DL Friday 30.9. at 16:30)
      • Weekly exercise: Spatial analysis (DL Friday 7.10. at 23:59)

    General schedule for the week is shown in the figure below, while the detailed schedule can be found below the figure.

    • Quick guide to basic functionalities of QGIS software. Slightly outdated, but hopefully helpful :-)

    • Submit you map depicting properties whose owners are potential customers (you can use the full buildings dataset of the municipality or the personal data set for one of the group members), separating potential customers in sensitive and in non-sensitive areas. Important: The maps should be easy to read, meaning that they should include e.g. title and/or legend, scale bar and north arrow. Also, symbology, labels and other text should be clear.

      Accepted formats are: pdf, MS Powerpoint, and MS Word.

      Your submission should include:

      • group number
      • list of names for all group members
      One submission is enough, i.e. only one group member needs to submit on behalf of the entire group.