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    Thank you for the course!

    (last edit 6.4.2023 at 12.55 o'clock:)

    Topical (only 1 theme):

    Course is now graded
    (sorry for the delay!).
    • Your data should be in the "SISU system" now!
    • The limit between grades 4 and 5 was 94 points.
    • Quite high grade limit, but you were also able to get those "extra points" from Calculation Quiz.

    Thank you for attendance! It was also very nice to see you in tour lab!

    We have some more courses for you, if you were interested in the topic and our style.

    Autumn 2023:
    - MEC-E3004 Fluid Power Systems
    - MEC-E3005 Fluid Power Dynamics

    See you in the Circus!


    Jyrki Kajaste



    1. Research assignment 2

    GRADED! (30.3.2023), feedback files UPLOADED (3.4.2023)!

    Overall points now ready! Grades soon!

    2. Simulation assignment (is graded!)

    3.  Lectures and calculation exercises are now over!

    - No lecture on 20.3.2023 

    3. Research Assignment 1 GRADED (finally, 14.3.2023)

    4. Laboratory visit for Groups on Thursday 9.3.2023

    - This part is now graded

    1. Quiz max. 5 points
    2. Group attendance 4 points
    3.  Personal attendance 1 point
    4. Sum: Maximum total 10 points

    - More material (Quiz) soon available!

    - Thank you for visiting our laboratory! See you later!

    5. Calculation Quiz open (deadline 22.3.2023)

    "extra points"

    6. Quizzes based on lecture materials (deadlines 22.3.2023)

    "normal points"

    Check Lecture materials 2023 ... for materials

    Quiz 1 open -> deadline 22.3.2023

    Quiz 2 open (lecture materials uploaded 5.3.2023), -> deadline 22.3.2023

    Quiz 3 open (lecture materials uploaded 5.3.2023), -> deadline 22.3.2023

    7. Simulation assignment (deadline was on 7.3.2023)

    Students' outputs (upload these 2)

    You "should" be able to upload 20 files (not needed!), but if it seems impossible, please make a zipped file, thank you!

    1. Report file, filled (Powerpoint)
    2. Simulation model (final, closed loop controlled system)

    More points:

    - Simulation assignment (individuals) -> done

    - Pneumatics laboratory exercise for GROUPS

    - Calculation assignment 2 (Groups)

    - Quizzes (individuals), 3 quizzes +  1 Calculation Quiz (opened on 9.3.2023 at 19.10 o'clock)

    - Laboratory visit (Groups and individuals) + Component Quiz for Groups -> done

    Simulation assignment (<- link, materials available),

    Hydraulics laboratory assignment (<- link, materials available, Check page 3 question) and

    Lecture materials 2023 (set #6))

    New template (3) under Calculation exercises for Friday 17.2.2023 (was added on Thursday 16.2.2023)

    Pneumatics laboratory exercise for GROUPS  (<- link to enroll)

    Week 9 starting on 27.2.2023

    Week 10 starting on 6.3.2023

    Exercise material document will be added later!

    Simulation sessions start on 6th of February

    - Maarintalo, Maari C-D (Mondays)

    - Undergraduate center (Thursdays and 1 Friday)

    Software needed
    • Matlab
    • Simulink
    • Simscape Fluids (in this Basics course)

      As you have Aalto's IT license, you can download Matlab and some other useful software to your personal computers, if you like from web page ....

    Laboratory MAP

    Hydraulics book

    Check out for example Noah Manring's book

    Manring, Noah D. & Fales, R. Hydraulic Control Systems (<- library link)

    Youtube videos

    Many fluid power oriented videos (LunchBox Sessions)

    Hydraulics laboratory exercise for GROUPS.

    in the Fluid Power laboratory (Sähkömiehentie 4, use the backyard door, door O). Check the map below.

    Download the instructions file: Hydraulics laboratory assignment

    Check the question on page 3 (Throttle Check Valve) before entering the laboratory so you can discuss with the teachers.

    Weeks 6 and 7                   

    Monday                Thursday               Friday   
    10.15 – 11.45        10.15 – 11.45        10.15 – 11.45   
    14.15 – 15.45        12.15 – 13.45        12.15 – 13.45   

    These are for the Research Groups

    Groups and schedule:

    Hydraulics laboratory exercise for GROUPS

    (This is under assignments).

    New template (2) under Calculation exercises (was added on Friday 27.1.2023)

    Assignment 1

    Assignment materials are now available under Research Assignment 1. 

    - PowerPoint: instructions

    - Mathcad file: template

    Deadline is 13.2.2023


    You can use 1. free version, 2. classroom version, or 3. classroom version remotely.

    Check page Calculation exercises


    Please, join ASAP a Research Group. Use Research Group selection under Assignments.

    Groups consist of about 4 members. These teams participate in 2 Calculation assignments and, laboratory assignments, and 1 laboratory visit.

    The first calculation assignment will be released on Friday (20.1.2022) during Calculation exercise.

    We will use Mathcad (version Prime in calculation assignments for Groups and during calculation exercises. However, there are no computers in classroom on Friday. You can use your own laptops or participate in TEAMS.

    We will contiue this week on Thursday and on Friday. (Check Schedule figure below)

    Classroom is 326 (Konetekniikka 1 = K1 building , Otakaari 4 (street)).

    Campus map (building 8)

    At the moment it seems that the course schedule (on the right side of this page) is not completely correct. Some modifications should come.

    Hybrid learning

    Both in classroom and in TEAMS.

    TEAMS links (recordings available later on on course's TEAMS page).

    Monday lectures starting 16.1.2023

    Click here to join the meeting

    Thursday lectures starting 12.1.2023

    Click here to join the meeting

    Friday calculation exercises starting 20.1.2023

    Click here to join the meeting

    Some Lecture materials 2023 available under Materials

    Software to be used

    In our Fluid Power courses we will use …

    • Matlab
    • Simulink
    • Simscape Fluids (in this Basics course)

      As you have Aalto's IT license, you can download Matlab and some other useful software to your personal computers, if you like from web page ....

    • We will use also Mathcad (version Prime, but you can’t download it from Aalto’s pages.
    Course schedule 2023


    Jyrki (Kajaste)

    Use this if any questions etc.

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      Hydraulics laboratory assignment File PDF

      Hydraulics laboratory assignment