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    This on-line course introduces you the specifics of the passenger ship design and its relation to systems engineering. The course starts on October 26th 2022 09:00 on Zoom-lecture / face-to-face, see link in the bottom of the page. Recommendation is to participate the face-to-face event at Room 150, Otakaari 4. 

    After the course, you understand the current trends, business developments and future markets for passenger ships. You can define radical architectural design of a passenger ship at different levels and you can apply the user-centric design in passenger ship context. You can define a general arrangement of a passenger ship based on broad set of design requirements, specific for passenger ships, and you know the passenger ship safety requirements and current regulatory requirements, how to attain them or how to go beyond them, if necessary.

    The course utilizes guided problem-based distance-learning concept. The content is cross-disciplinary and is suitable for students of different backgrounds (design, economics, engineering). Lectures introduce topics which are then considered with respect to the projects. Work is performed in cross-disciplinary groups. Progress of the project is checked on weekly basis. The final project is presented in the end of the course to experts from industry and academia via pitches in format of a video. Work load is roughly:

    • Online-lecture slides: 10h (2h/week, 5 weeks)
    • Instructed workshops (on-line): 15h (3h/week, 5 weeks), Wednesdays 09:00-10:00, see the Zoom-link in the bottom of the page
    • Group work: 60h (10 hours/week, 6 weeks and submissions)
    • Individual work: 40h (8 hours/week, 5 weeks and submissions)

    During the course we also introduce sessions where we can go through the open questions of the course, these times we agree on the kickoff event. The course is graded when all submissions are done. However, all of these must be delivered to by December 9th 2022 09:00 after which course will be graded.  


    The course is graded based on individual (40%) and group performance (40%) and presentation to industry members (20%). 

    The individual performance is graded per week/lecture by (max 100%):

    • 25% written review of the lecture slides and their relation to own studies and project
    • 25% on mind-map presentation of the lecture slides and their relation to own studies
    • 50% on review of weekly articles in format of written text and position on the mind-map

    Group work in individual assignments is not allowed (violation will lead to zero points in round). 

    The group performance is graded per week by (max 100%):

    • 75% integrity and robustness of the work performed including level of analyses
    • 25% reporting including quality of the produced materials and reflection to theory

    Any problems with group dynamics should be included to course teacher during course. 

    Pitch is graded based on clarity and quality of the presentation (max 100%).

    The grade boundaries are:

    <50%, 0

    50-59%, 1

    60-69%, 2

    70-79%, 3

    80-89%, 4

    >90%, 5


    All issues, problems and questions should be send to and