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    Thermal Energy Storage Systems Theory

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    Are you interested in decarbonising heating in the future?  Do you want to work on a real life challenge for future energy systems?

    In the future, it will be very important to better control thermal flows to be able to store heat using different solutions. On this course we will take holistic look on the future strategy on thermal energy flow control, including possible heat storage. This is not a topic for one particular discipline only and therefore we invite students from broad variety of backgrounds. We will have presentations from different disciplines from academia and industry. 

    This course does NOT require any presence at contact session, but if you prefer there are also contact sessions available at Aalto campus, you can turn to Sampson for further note. The course is based on 4 individual modules with tasks, each of these modules will have a starting date and a final date for return of tasks.

    Module 1 – Background (3-16.4)

    • TES mindset 
    • TES - Exergy and flexibility 
    • Renewable Heat Sources 

    Module 2 – Technologies (17.4-7.5)

    • Heat storage materials
    • Thermal Energy Storage system level
    • Heat pumps
    • Underground TES systems 

    Module 3 - Industrial applications of TES (8.5-14.5)

    • Industrial talk: Nollae
    • Industrial talk: Helen

    Module 4 - TES as part of communities (15.5-24.5)

    • Energy communities
    • Community level TES

    Final task (DL 24.5)

    Annukka and Sampson

    If you have any questions, please contact the course assistant Sampson (