Topic outline

  • Welcome to study Global Challenges! Please see the Syllabus and this video for the course outline and policies. See also this Survey.

  • This is lecture will be given by Outi Honkatukia, Head of Climate Policy Unit at the ministry of the environment. Outi is an economist by training and expert on climate negotiations.  Please send me (Matti) questions to be presented to the guest by Friday March 10. The presentation will be designed to address those questions.

  • Please find below questions for the problem set I. I'll continue adding questions until the submission link appears below (after Monday March 6 lecture). Recall that you can either (i) write your answers and submit them as one file using the submission link, or (ii) you can prepare and show up in the session for the problems on March 16. EDIT: After the survey results, we drop option (ii). The session for help is on March 9 (see the calendar for the location and time). We keep deadline for submission on March 16.

  • The session for this problem set is March 23. I'll add questions below until the submission link appears. The submission deadline will be one week after the session. EDIT: the problem set is now complete.

  • I'll add questions to this set until the submission link appears below. The session for this set is on April 5, and submission deadline will be one week after the session. EDIT: the set is now complete.

  • Here you can find notes made during the lectures. The notes are not self-contained but supporting the teaching.