Topic outline

  • Lecture notes are the main material for the course. For the exercises, you might need some look up some additional information. This page contains some useful references and additional resources for those who want to learn more about the science and history of nuclear fusion.

    If you feel like that you want to learn more about plasma physics in general and not just fusion, make sure you check out the course "Introduction to plasma physics for fusion and space applications

    Physics resources and learning material:

    Tokamaks by John Wesson - A basic textbook on tokamaks and fusion physics.

    Lecture notes by Richard Fitzpatrick of University of Texas, at Austin: available here.

    IAEA Fusion Physics - A more hardcore book on fusion physics, available here.

    Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy by Jeffrey P. Freidberg - A textbook on tokamaks and other magnetic confinement concepts

    Reading material:

    A Piece of the Sun: The Quest for Fusion Energy by Daniel Clery - An overview on the history of fusion research from the beginning to recent developments in the 21st century.

    The Science of JET by John Wesson - An overview of the Joint European Torus project and the related science, available here.

    Fusion related websites:

    FusionWiki - A Wiki site for fusion related information.

    Eurofusion - European consortium for the development of fusion energy.

    ITER - Website for the international ITER project, the largest tokamak ever.

    Fusenet - The European fusion education network.

    Tri Alpha Energy - American fusion startup.

    Tokamak Energy - British tokamak startup.

    General Fusion - Canadian fusion startup.

    Operation Tokamak - A mobile game in which you control a tokamak. Really.