Topic outline

  • Course description

    Course schedule as a table, including study session times and exercise deadlines.

    Figure 1. Summary of the course schedule.

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    Intended learning outcomes

    After the course the student will be able

      • to adopt the code of conduct of the academic community.
      • to set personal goals for effective learning and skills development.
      • to communicate and collaborate in a multicultural and multidisciplinary learning environment.
      • to identify opportunities for academic entrepreneurship and career development.
      • to work safely in laboratory and conduct the principles of scientific research and communication.

    Completing the course

    Do it now, the course is designed to help you studying!

    Feedback summary

    Constructive and analytical feedback is very much appreciated throughout the course! The feedback will be used for making the course better. You can access the latest feedback summary of the course here; the earlier ones are also available: summary of 2018-2019 here, the summary of 2019-2020 here, the summary of 2020-2021 here, and the summary of 2021-2022 here