Topic outline

  • General

    The lectures and exercises are kept offline but you can also join through Zoom. Lectures and exercises are also recorded so you can watch them as many time as you want.

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    Period III

    [Lecture 1] Introduction to process control, Physics-based dynamic modeling I

    [Lecture 2] Python libraries: Matplotlib, Numpy & Scipy

    [Lecture 3] Physics-based dynamic modeling II

    [Lecture 4] Dynamic behavior of 1st order processes

    [Lecture 5] Control design I

    [Lecture 6] Control design II

    Period IV

    [Lecture 7]  Sensors and data acquisition

    [Lecture 8]  Laplace transformation

    [Lecture 9]  Transfer functions

    [Lecture 10] Group project Q & A

    [Lecture 11] Advanced process control

    [Lecture 12] Recap


    10% Assignments

    • 3 assignments to be done individually
    • Based on exercises

    20% Group project

    • Groups of 3-4 students
    • Task: design and implement a controller on a real pilot equipment

    70% Exam