Topic outline

  • General

    • Elective course in Sustainable Metals Processing major. 
    • Teaching Period III-IV (Spring 2023)
    • Workload 

      • Lectures 12 h
      • Tutorials 24 h
      • Project (home) work 24 h
      • Independent (group) studies 70 h
      • Exam 4 h

      Learning outcomes, after the course the student can: 
      • understand the structure of a thermochemical solver (Gibbs energy minimiser),
      • handle equilibria in heterogeneous multi-component (non-ideal) systems
      • do equilibrium simulations in multicomponent heterogeneous systems

      • Thermodynamics of solution phases and their analytical forms in condensed systems,
      • use and development of analytical descriptions for solution phases,
      • applications of Gibbs energy minimisation techniques for the chemical simulations.

      Assessment Methods and Criteria 
      • Lectures
      • Project work in groups from selected topics
      • Independent study and exam

      The lectures start Tue 10 January at 12.15-14.00 and will be held in Ke4.
    Course textbook
    A. Pelton, Phase Diagrams and Thermodynamic Modeling of Solutions

    (requires VPN access to Aalto network) 

    David R. Gaskell: Selected chapters from Introduction to the thermodynamics of materials (2003) available in Aalto University library e-books in the Dawsonera collection.

    • Not available unless: You are a(n) Student
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