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    CHEM-E4115 - Computational Chemistry I will be taught Monday 27 February - 28th April, 2023 (contact teaching) / 9th May (hand-in assignments) by Kari Laasonen and Maria Sammalkorpi (both: firstname.lastname((at)) ). Teaching schedule, course completion instructions, and grading information are below. Teaching in 2023 is in class room and computer class. The course can be completed remotely, via self-study.

    The standard means of completing the course involves 50% quantum mechanical modelling (Kari Laasonen) and 50% molecular modelling (Maria Sammalkorpi). If you want to complete the course focusing on one of these, be in contact with the teacher in charge of your preferred focus area. An in-depth continuation module is available in both topics.

    The lecture and study materials of the course will be available in the Materials section. Assignments and exercise point self-grading are in Assignments.