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    Please note that the location for the Thursday lectures has changed. 26.1. and 2.2. the location is classroom TU5 (Week 3&4) and 9.2. and 16.2. the location is classroom TU6 (Week 5&6).

    Course practicalities video and slides are available here! Check those out for information about how to complete the course.

    Welcome to the home page of TU-E2031 - Advanced Project-based Management D, Spring 2023 (5 cr)! 

    The first meeting of the course is on Monday 9.1.2023. The materials for Week 1 are available here. The first assignment is returned on Wednesday 11.1.2023 at 20:00.

    Weekly themes open on Thursdays at 14.00.

    Week 1: Managing time

    Week 2: Managing risk and uncertainty

    Week 3: Managing innovation projects

    Week 4: Buying projects and subprojects

    Week 5: Selling projects and subprojects

    Week 6: Managing stakeholders


    You can contact any of us for your questions, and we are happy to discuss with you about any issue regarding this course or your studies on projects and project business.

    Karlos Artto, responsible teacher (firstname.surname [at]

    Tom Olsson, teacher (firstname.surname [at]

    Tero Haahtela, teacher (firstname.surname [at]

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