Topic outline

  • Welcome to the course!

    Course Practicalities: Spring 2023

    The course is an online course.  We will have following online sessions (via Zoom software):

    • 15.03.2023: 16.15-17.45 and 18.15-19.45.  Practicalities. The role of theory in quantitative research. Systematic literature review. Finding the most important journal articles.
    • 16.03.2023: 16.15-17.45 and 18.15-19.45. Reference management. Questionnaire design and data collection. SPSS software for quantitative data analysis.
    • 20.03.2023: 16.15-17.45 and 18.15-19.45. Data analysis with SPSS software. Chi-square test, t-test, analysis of variance.
    • 22.03.2023: 16.15-17.45 and 18.15-19.45. Data analysis with SPSS software. Multivariate methods: cluster analysis, factor analysis and Cronbach's Alpha.
    • 23.03.2023: 16.15-17.45 and 18.15-19.45. Data analysis with SPSS software. Advanced multivariate methods: regression analysis and structural equation modelling (SEM). 

    Zoom-link for all lectures:

    Each day the first part (16.15-17.45) will be recorded and published at the course website. In this first part we go through lecture slides which are available at the Material-section of the course website before each lecture.

    In the second part (18.15-19.45) we practise the things of the first part. It will be relaxed, interactive session where you do your learning exercises. This second part is not recorded.

    There is no compulsory attendance in the Zoom sessions. However, it is not recommended to take the course without participating in the Zoom sessions. I highly recommend to join them: I have designed them so that they help you in learning quantitative methods and make your thesis work easier and more fun. The Zoom sessions also help you to do the assignments of the course.

    Assessment Methods and Criteria

    In order to pass the course you have to do assignments (50%) and take an exam (50%).

    There are 5 compulsory assignments. They will be available on the website before each lecture.

    Each assignment is graded 0-10 points. So the total points from assignments is 0-50 points (50% of the course)

    The exam will be based on lectures, lecture slides and the coursebook.

    The exam is graded 0-50 points (50% of the course).

    Coursebook: Malhotra, N.K., Nunan, D., and Birks, D.F. (2020). Marketing Research: Applied Insight, 6. Edition, Pearson, ISBN : 9781292308722, ISBN : 9781292308760, obligatory, Chapters 1-5 and 10-30.

    In order to pass the course you have to get 50 points from the assignments and the exam. There are no minimum requirements for points you need to get from assignments or exam. For example, you would pass the course with grade 1 by getting 40 points from assignments and 10 points from exam.

    From the assignments you get maximum of 50 points and from the exam maximum of 50 points. So grading is split 50/50 between the assignments and the exam.

    The grading scale is:


    80-89 = 4

    70-79 = 3

    60-69 = 2

    50-59 = 1 (lowest passing grade)

    0-49 = 0 

    There are two exam dates: 17.4.2023 and 22.5.2023 (see Sisu for details).

    Welcome to the course!

    Sami Kajalo