Topic outline

    A. Class activity (50p): social reading (20p) + class discussion (30p) + activity sheet (10p)

    Perusall readings (social reading & discussion) (20p):

    Week 2

    Barney, J. (1991). Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage. Journal of Management17(1), 99-120. DL 16.1.2023. (Max. 5p)

    Week 3

    Das et al. (2021) Pandemics and marketing: Insights, impacts, and research opportunities. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 49: 835-854. DL 23.1.2023. (Max. 5p)

    Week 4

    Bigelow, L. S., & Barney, J. B. (2021). What can strategy learn from the business model approach? Journal of Management Studies, 58(2), 528-539. DL 30.1.2023. (Max. 5p)

    Week 5

    Du, Y., & Kim, P. H. (2021). One size does not fit all: Strategy configurations, complex environments, and new venture performance in emerging economies. Journal of Business Research, 124, 272-285. DL 6.2.2023. (Max. 5p)

    Activity sheet grading

    5 highly active, made frequent comments, raised the level of classroom or group discussions
    4 fairly active, made some comments, contributed to classroom or group discussions
    3 somewhat active, only a few comments in class, but contributed to group discussions
    2 mostly inactive, made no comments but listened attentively in classroom or group discussions
    1 inactive, made no comments and was disengaged in classroom or group discussions 

    Contributions:     List also things you were about to say/ask but did not have an opportunity to do so
    (note: these scores are summed up and rescaled to 0-10p scale at the end of the course)

    B. Cases (50p) + business case presentation (5p)

    Week 2
    HBS Case: Strategy and Strategic Factors at ACME Birdseed Company. DL 18.1.2023. Max. 10p.

    Week 3
    HBS Case: Thinx, Inc.—Breaking Barriers in Feminine Care. DL 25.1.2023. Max. 10p.

    Week 4
    HBS Case: NIO: Battling with Tesla with Battery as a Service. DL 1.2.2023. Max. 10p. 

    Week 5

    HBS Case: RoboTech: Storming into the U.S. market. DL 8.2.2023. Max. 10p.

    Week 6
    Real life business case: Hilti. DL 13.02.2023. Max. 10p.

    C. Exam (10p)