Topic outline

  • Dear all,

    Welcome to the course!

    The course will be conducted in hybrid mode. You can attend the sessions either on campus (U8-U270, Undergraduate Centre) or online (the permanent link is below). However, we encourage everyone to attend the course on-campus.

    The first lecture on 28.2.2023 starts at 16:30. All other lectures start at 15.15. Please follow the Course Flow schedule.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the course assistant Elizaveta Sakhnovskaia via e-mail (

    Learning Objectives:

    • Upon completion of the course the student should…
      • …have the basic abilities to apply brand and product management related theoretical frameworks and concepts in real-life situations
      • … be able to utilize numerous tools and frameworks in striving to create, communicate, and deliver customer value in various business contexts
      • …possess a holistic skillset for combining the efforts of both internal and external stakeholders in order to plan and implement winning offering and brand strategies


    Course logistics and practicalities:

    • 6 ECTS credits roughly translates to 160 hours of work:
      • Lectures: 21 hours
      • Group work: 80 hours   
      • Individual work: 56 hours
      • Exam: 3 hours


    Coursework and grading:

    • Group assignments: 70% of the course grade
      • Four case assignments
      • Live cases will be given by guest lecturers, presenting real life case challenges from the industry
      • After each assignment, 2-3 groups will be asked to present their work in class
      • Chosen groups will be notified in the morning of the lecture at the latest
      • It makes sense to always prepare for presenting
        • Fluent presentations will contribute to your overall assignment score
        • Failure to present will lower your score
    • Final exam: 30% of the course grade
      • Also case-based! Case readings will be provided during the final lecture
      • Retake possible only in extenuating circumstances – e.g. cases of documented medical issue or family emergency
    • To receive credit for the course, you need to obtain a combined score of at least 50%

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