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    After having successfully completed the course you should be able to

    • Fully comprehend the accounting equation and double entry-accounting
    • Understand and be able to explain the difference between cash and accrual accounting
    • Prepare financial statements from the source data based on accounting transactions
    • Read, understand, and examine the data in an annual report, hereunder the key components in the financial statements
    • Develop financial ratios for a company and analyze the information content of these measures to make sound business decisions
    • Identify and explain selected components of sustainability information provided by companies

    Course description can be found here.

    In case you are still in doubt about the importance of learning accounting, have a look at what Professor Norm Nemrow has to say (you do not have to agree with his taste of home furnishing, but you surely can agree with what he says):

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    Link to Finnish - English "accounting dictionary"

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