Topic outline

  • This course includes 2 mid term quizzes. Both of the quizzes cover 15% of the final grade (so all together 30%).

    Quizzes are based on the lectures and textbook. 

    Quizzes includes 30 multiple choice questions (0,5p/question) and you have 60 min time to complete the quiz. MyCourses will draw the questions from question bank so not everyone has the same questions. 

    Bear in mind that the timing of the quiz is tight. You will NOT have time to look everything up, but as in a normal exam, are expected to know and understand the content beforehand.

    Navigation method is free and no minus points are included, so if you don't know the answer just guess :-)


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      Midterm quiz 1
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student

      Deadline for the midterm quiz 1 is Sunday 18.9.2022, 22:00

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      Midterm quiz 2
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student

      This midterm quiz covers lectures/chapters 5-8 and deadline for the quiz is Sunday 2.10.2022, at 22:00.