• Welcome to HOAOAIS 2023

    1. All classes will be online. The link for lectures will be shared one day before the lectures. All lectures will be recorded for you to have a chance to review them later.

    2. Assignments and Exam:

    • Individual assignment --> 10 hours in total, three courses on SQL and data management for 35 points on Datacamp. 5 points for one individual assignment in the last lecture --> You reflect on one of the analytics techniques!
    • Group case assignment (1) --> Hands-on practice with Accountor ERP and reflection worth 15 points.
    • Group case assignment (2) --> Case Analysis worth 15 points (2 cases)
    • Exam --> 30 points. There will be only Two Exams - one main and one re-Exam!
    • 10 Bonus point opportunity if you pass the Accountor Certification test

    3. All assignments and further details will be available on 1st March during and after the class!

    4. You also have several recorded videos and material to learn asynchronously.


    To PASS: All three criteria must be fulfilled --> 1) Individual and Group Assignments combined (50% out of 70 points) + 2) Exam (50% out of 30 points) + 3) Overall (50% out of 100 points)

    A minimum of 50% from the exam AND a minimum of 50% from the Individual and group assignments combined is required to pass the course. Overall 50% from the course


    Lecture wise ZOOM link (you need to copy paste the link from here!)

    L6 - 5th April -->