Topic outline

  • Welcome to the course Risk Management in Accounting!

    Some important information:
    1. Exercises: The course will have 3 individual (8 points each) and one group assignment (26 points) and one group presentation (10 points). 
    2. Exam: There will only be one final examination in February and one Re-examination in April. The exam carries 40 points. 
    3. To pass the course you need to score at least 20 points from the exam and at least 50 points in total including exam + exercises
    4. There will be discussions and interviews with 4-6 industry experts (some have already confirmed, and others are in the process of confirming).

    Group Presentation Schedule:

    Team Date Time
    J 14-Feb 14:15-14:32
    H 14-Feb 14:35-14:52
    G 14-Feb 14:55-15:12
    F 14-Feb 15:30-15:47
    E 14-Feb 15:50-16:07
    A 16-Feb 9:15- 9:32
    B 16-Feb 9:35- 9:52
    C 16-Feb 9:55-10:12
    D 16-Feb 10:30-10:47
    15 minutes for feedback collection
    send e-mail to Vikash for more details