Topic outline

  • Welcome to Corporate Governance

    This course underlines the major problems of corporate governance, dealing with agency and principal problems and stewardship approaches and how institutions of corporate governance are solutions for these problems. The course aligns the theoretical thinking with empirical and practical solutions within the field of corporate governance. The course offers the diversity of solutions and helps to understand the country and company specific practices of corporate governance.

    The major topics cover the big picture of corporate governance and the main institutions of corporate governance including

    • the board of directors
    • investor relations
    • auditing and internal control
    • executive compensation
    • shareholder activism and
    • external corporate governance.
    After the course, you will understand the importance of these institutions, the logic how they work alone and together and how they result in corporate actions and sustainable performance.

    This course will take place in person on campus on Mondays and Wednesdays in Ekonominaukio 1, JENNY JA ANTTI WIHURIN RAHASTO - V001, from 9:15 am to noon.
    Please also check Sisu for the exact teaching times.