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      Submission Deadlines Page
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      Tasks to Pass the Course

      01.11. at 23:59 pm

      Indicate team formation in Group Choice Module in MyCourses

      17.11. at 13:15 pm

      Read article of Sarasvathy (2001)

      17.11. at 23:59 pm

      Submission of essays: 1500-2000 words + 5 PPT slides (excl. cover page and references)

      24.11. at 23:59 pm

      Submission of Evaluations: Review criteria + Grades on the essays and presentations + 3 suggestions for improving the presentation

      01.12. at 13:15 pm

      Presentation of the Essay from the Development Round

      08.12. at 13:15 pm

      Final exam in MyCourses

      12.01.2023 at 13:15 pm

      Re-exam in MyCourses (No separate registration necessary)