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  • Welcome to Bachelor's Thesis and Seminar.

    In this Seminar, you will be working on your thesis to finalize your studies at the Bachelor's Programme in Design. With a series of presentations in either the whole class or a smaller group with your peers, you will show your progress to get constructive feedback to improve your thesis in different stages from responsible teachers of the seminar who are thesis supervisors for the programme (Teemu Leinonen, Oscar Person, and Namkyu Chun). The main goal of this Seminar is to provide students relevant structure and support in completing their thesis projects and manuscripts. 

    In this MyCourses page, you can: 
    (1) find useful information for the thesis process, including materials from classes (slides, links, etc.); and
    (2) submit your assignments and final thesis manuscript (Turnitin).

    This course is offered to those who are in their 3rd year or more at the Bachelor's Programme in Design and completed Introduction to Research in Design and Media (IRDM). You have passed the preliminary thesis plan at the end of IRDM. Concurrently to this seminar, you are also taking Design Impact III. 

    Seminar Schedule


    In case of illness and personal issues, you may attend the session via Zoom: (Meeting ID: 657 0165 6356). However, this requires a permission from one of responsible teachers in advance to the session.