Topic outline



     The course will start with the presentation of the contents and practices of the course. We will be drawing line (contoure) drawing. Special focus for basic practices of life drawing and line. 

    16.1, 23.1 and 30.1 

    We will draw with different linestrucktures and textures and practice shading by different assignments. Special focus for drawing gestures and tonal scale of the drawing.

     6.2 and 13.2 

     In one to one scale-whole body picture, chiaro scuro technic on brown paper. Special focus for volumes of the human body and for the rich tonal scale.  

    27.2 and 6.3

    Drawing and movement / experimental life model drawing / drawing in different record of time and with all kind of physical and sensomotoric orientations. Special focus for the instant eye-hand connection and spontaneous life drawing. 


    13.3, 20.3 and 27.3

    Model drawing with different mixed media technics / different assignments to improve to create as three dimensional life model drawing as possible. Special focus for how to combine the perception based drawing and each to their own artistic expression with various technics. 


    The final critique of the course / independent life drawing rehearsals 

    Every lesson will start with croquis exercise and after that we will always make a longer time lasting task. It is essential to follow always the whole lesson. 

    • The materials, you will need during this course:

      -some pieces of charcoal ( about 7-9 mm thick )

      -A 4 drawing block, or sketchbook / around 10 pieces of A4-printing paper

      -2-3 pieces of thicker drawing paper (A3), or 3 pieces of Litoposter

      -soft drawing pencils or graphite  (around 4 B-8 B)

      -bottle of chinese, japanese or indian ink

      -a brush (pointed and around number 10-14)

      -your personal pencil case with your favorite pens and drawing chalks or crayons. 

      Good store for artistic materials, witch I warmly recomment:

      Finnish Painters´ Unions material supplier :

      Erottajankatu 9 B, tel. 09-68110511

      opening times: mon 12-17, tue-thu 9.15-17, fri 12-17.

      Remember to show your student card in order to get the discount.