Topic outline

  • Course planning- Life Drawing ARTS- A0208

    During the course we will draw with both left and right hand as this is developmental in many ways.

    5.9. Introduction- Safe space, materials and different ways on how to draw.

    Drawing portraits of each other in smaller groups.

    6.9. Model in the landscape of Aalto.

    Drawing model (in clothes) outside (if the weather is ok). Croquis in landscape. Notes about gravity, contrapposto and tensionpoints. Recognition of the same postures as the model.

    12.9. Model in motion.

    Slow movements and short poses. In the afternoon- students will move around the model and draw from different angles.

    13.9. Plan composition.

    To plan the model on paper- all figure and detail.

    19.9. Focus on gaps.

    To draw the model by drawing the spaces. Model with an object. 5-40 min.postures during the day.

    20.9. Focus on the light.

    Draw model in natural light. Longer poses.

    26.9. To make your own choices.

    Large scale papers- same pose all day.

    3.10. Portrait of two models.

    Together we will build a room environment with the models to draw from.

    10.10. Contrasts and textures.

    To draw skin and other textures. Model surrounded by textiles and other materials. To break forms and create new ones.

    24.10. Model a la Jenny Saville.

    Draw in color if you want. It will be a color theme. We can agree on a color later and use a filtered light of that color. Close-ups and zooms in on details to create volume. A few poses during the day.

    31.10. Verticale and horizontale.

    Composition with model and stripes in different light.

    7.11. A composition with mirrors. Own choices otherwise.

    A longer time for feedback in the afternoon from 5-10 drawings made during the whole course.

    Some changes may occur, depending on discussions along the way, situations and the model. It`s also about being present in the moment and what can be possible there and then. Reviews and discussions are important elements in the work process, on what the teaching is also based.