Topic outline

  • During the spring of 2023, Designing and Building Scalable Web Applications (CS-E4770) will be organized as a fully online course. The course consists of reading online materials, working on assignments, working on projects, and conducting self- and peer-reviews. There are no explicit deadlines in the course: a rolling grading mechanism is used, which means that you can complete the course at a pace that best suits your studies.

    There are no lectures or exercise groups. The course staff will be available for questions at times announced in the materials (subject to change). Moreover, the course staff will also review help requests posted through the course platform and the (unofficial) support channel (Slack).

    The course materials and the course platform will be available at New chapters will be released periodically following the schedule outlined in the materials.

    When registering to the platform, use your email. For grading, the most up-to-date version of the grading specifications (subject to change) in the materials are used. Further information on grading will be released with upcoming chapters.