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  • Climate.Now - Basics of climate change and implications on technology and business

    Welcome to course in Aalto in period II 2022! 

    Climate change is the challenge of our time. Learn more about the science behind it, ponder your own relationship to it and how it connects to your study field, and discuss the topic with other students in multidisciplinary groups on Aalto course.

    Lectures: Wednesdays 14:15–17:00 (Undergraduate Center, Lecture hall U8 - U270)
    Registration: 28.9.–2.11.2022 via Sisu (course is held under PHYS-E058001 Special course in Advanced Energy Technologies)
    Scope: 3 cr (lecture course) or 5 cr (lecture course + project work)

    The course is open for all students of Aalto (from bachelor to master and doctoral level)!
    NB! All students register for the same course in Sisu, the extent (3 cr or 5 cr) is taken into account at course end when credits are registered.

    Responsible teacher: PhD Sanna-Liisa Sihto-Nissilä (email:
    Teaching Assistant: Thomas Mattathil (
    Course is part of Climate University courses. logo
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