Topic outline

  • The course consists of the following:

    3 cr version

    5 cr version


    Graded on scale 1-5.

    3 cr: Learning diary (75 %), En-Roads/IPCC assignment (25%), multiple choice questions done

    5 cr: Learning diary (50 %), En-Roads/IPCC assignment (25%), project (25 %), multiple choice questions done

    (Maximum points total 100 p.)

    Lectures (in Otaniemi, not streamed) cover scientific basics of climate change and selected topics around climate change by visiting lecturers. Lectures are partially mandatory: you should be present 2/3 i.e. 4 out of 6 lectures. If you are absent more than twice, you can do a compensating task.

    Extra points (on top of maximum of 100 points):
    + 5 points if all the lectures present
    + 1 point replying the course feedback 


    26.10.  Introduction and course start

                Science background of climate change: Myth busters

    2.11.   Clime Out board game session (Clime Out is a learning game by Snowflake Education Ltd.)

                En-Roads / IPCC Interactive Atlas small project start

    9.11.   Ville Lähde (BIOS): “World of crises”

                Elina Ruoho: Climate Neutral Aalto 2030 – Guidance for project work 2

    16.11.  John Millar (ELEC): Riding the waves of existential angst and the achievable challenges of getting carbon out of the power system

                Carbon footprint as a measure of climate impact (note change in schedule!)

    23.11.  Kati Kulovesi (UEF): International climate negotiations: UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement

                 En-Roads / IPCC Interactive Atlas small project presentations (note change in schedule!)

    30.11.  Meeri Karvinen (ENG): Awareness-based approach and co-creation to promote climate actions

                 Jouni Keronen (Climate Leadership Coalition): Climate change and economy

    7.12.    Student presentations, Project 2 (5 cr course)