Topic outline

  • On this course we will officially support QGIS 3.22. For 3DF Zephyr Free, we will support the latest version available on the Zephyr website.

    Exercise sessions

    Weekly exercise sessions will be held Maari C-D. In the sessions you can get assistance on how to solve the exercises, or technical assistance on how to work with the programs.

    First exercise session will be on Monday, January 16th at 10-12.

    Weekly Assignment Deadlines

    The deadline for each weekly assignment (WA) will be on Sunday evening at 23:55. The return box for the assignment will be closed after this, and late submissions will not be accepted without prior permission from the teacher in charge of the course.

    Weekly assignments will be done either in pairs or as individual work.

    Group Work Assignment Deadlines

    The deadlines for each group work assignment (GW) will be on Thursday evening at 23:55. This is in order to not to have two deadlines at exactly the same time on the course. 
    Group work assignments will be done in groups of 4.

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      Go here to see introduction and general description of the course's assignments.

      Remember that ALL weekly assignments and group work assignments are required in order to pass the course. If you cannot submit an assignment in time, contact the course staff before the deadline!

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      Here you can find informatio and tutorials for the GIS software tools which will be used in weekly assignments. On this course we will mainly use the free and open source QGIS desktop software.

      In addition, we will use 3DF Zephyr Free in one assignment.

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      Every now and then GIS software have problems with handling data and running different tools. If you have done everything according to the instructions but still don't get the right results, you can try the following general solutions.