Topic outline

  • This course is a self-study course, where students can choose from the online self-study modules offered on the MyCourse pages of the course that cover a changing collection of contemporary topics relevant to product development, innovation management and creative efforts in organizations. The full content of these modules becomes visible in MyCourses as soon as you register to the course, and these can be completed by the student at any time during the year. 

    After the completion of the course, you

    • are familiar with key practices in design thinking and/or creativity in organizations
    • can describe key considerations for innovation and connect these to practical examples
    • can identify appropriate conditions to utilize select design thinking and/or creativity methods in different types of innovation initiatives

    MEC-E3006 Design thinking and creativity for innovation

    From the beginning of the fall 2022, there will be three one-credit modules available for self-study, where you can pick 1-3 to complete to gain 1-3 study credits. 

    Note that while the course modules can be completed at any time, study credits are awarded thrice a year, for those having completed all within-module components by the end of the evaluation periods of Periods I, III and V. This is a pass/fail course.

    Responsible teachers: Tua Björklund (ENG) and Satu Rekonen (SCI)

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      Once you have completed all of the modules you would like to include in your course, please fill out this survey to notify the teaching staff that your work is ready for grading.