Topic outline

  • Welcome to the Good Life Engine!

    Good Life Engine is a unique 7-month routine, time management, and well-being course that creates a framework for personal growth by providing dynamics and models for structuring time. In addition, the course addresses modern life challenges such as lack of time, anxiety, self-criticism, FOMO, decision paralysis, monkey mind etc. The journey that you are about to take will help you to navigate through life with more clarity and comfort and see opportunities for self-development. It will be especially beneficial if you feel lost or being enslaved by your calendar and/or you want to learn yourself and others better. 

    This course could be a life-changing experience for you. You will feel a positive impact of the course long after the course will be over.

    After the course:

    1. You will understand and, maybe, achieve a study/work-life balance without stopping progressing towards your strategic goals. You will learn how to live, not to run a marathon;
    2. You will learn about yourself;
    3. You will learn how to define your strategic goals, plan the journey towards them, and manage your time to progress at this journey;
    4. You will learn how to create new habits and you will create at least one. 

    Topics of the course:

    • Modern life challenges and how they affect us?
    • How to assess where you are in terms of mental and physical well-being?
    • Time-management
    • Goals setting
    • Habit formation
    • Mindset flexibility
    • How to maintain motivation?
    • Tools from Stoics’ philosophy
    • The emotional and rational mind
    • Breathing
    • And other topics related to the self-development and well-being

    The language of the course is English.
    Grading is pass and fail.
    Most of the work will be done individually, however, some tasks will require a team effort.
    The course will be run on campus. The sessions will be on campus and face-to-face at Mordor, A-Grid. 

    There are no prerequisites for the course. The course welcomes students from all Aalto schools and students with flexible study rights from other Finnish Universities.

    Level of the Course: Bachelor students, Master’s level. Doctoral students can also take the course but won't be able to register study credits in their study plans.

    Teachers of the course are:
    Lidia Borisova,
    Kalle Airo,

    Course assistant:
    Duy Tran (Teddy)