Topic outline

  • 2022年9月8日 – 2022年12月1日

    Thursdays 16:30 – 18:45  

    课本 course book:  吃了吗? Chi le ma? (Annala, Cheng, Palomäki) + audio

    Course content: Chapters 1 – 3

    Chi le ma

    Please note that this book is also used for all the following Chinese courses up to Chinese 4. Please borrow or buy the course material before the start of the course.

    You can purchase the book i.e. here: or in book stores.

    Audio recording material: OR download the Otso app for free.

    The publisher (Otava/Finnlectura) has published the first chapter as a sample file on their webpage:

    Course completion:

    1. Lectures 36 h and self-study 45 h, active participation (Passing the course requires 75% attendance in class.)
    2. Group work, written and oral assignments (50%)
    3. Oral exam (30 %)
    4. Written exam at the university premises (20%)

    Chinese Characters 1 (Kiinan kirjoitusmerkit 1)
    Please also consider taking the self-study course Chinese Characters course 1 (credits: 2 op) which is a supporting course for this one. 
    There will be only one lecture for Chinese Characters 1. The course is optional but recommended. Although the course is marked as a lecture course in SISU, it is a self-study course. The material for the characters course will be provided by the teacher.