Topic outline

  • This is a self-study course that aims to provide students with tools for understanding and applying academic thinking, and engaging in academic writing to produce texts such as a BSc thesis. The course material consists of texts and short videos, and is divided in sections by theme.

    We will have one mandatory classroom meeting in this course, on February 16 in classroom R001/U402. That meeting will cover some of the material posted on the course page, with focus on the instructions for the second assignment. There will also be time for questions about the material. 

    The grading of the course is based on:

    1. going through the material on my courses - please notice that your progress is tracked on mycourses. For a passing grade you need to view all the material on the course page. You can track your own progress by looking at the bars in the right upper corner of the mycourses page for this course. 
    2. passing the Quizzes here on MyCourses that are based on the course material. You have 2 chances to write each quiz to obtain a passing grade of 80% correct.
    3. completing one reading assignment based on the literature on Scientific Thinking.
    4. completing one written assignment related to an academic paper of your choice, which will be opened in the week of the classroom meeting (Feb 16).

    For the written assignment, you need to choose an academic paper in economics that you will write the assignment about (precise instructions will be given later). You can already start thinking about a paper that you would like to read and use for this assignment.