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    You need to self-enrol to the MyCourses page that is used for the academic year 2022-2023 for this course. No other MyCourses page will be used. In order to do so, search for “Contemporary Marketing Issues Reading Package” using the MyCourses search function, and click the ‘Self-Enrolment’ button next to the Contemporary Marketing Issues Reading Package: I-V, 2022-2023 course. 

    The self-enrolment key for the course is CMIRP2223. 

    After completing the self-enrolment, please check that you can access all the files and submission functions on the course page. If you have any issues with the self-enrolment, please contact one of the instructors for assistance. Pay attention to the fact that you also need to be enrolled in the course on Sisu in order to be graded. Register on Sisu on time in the period in which you will be submitting your work in.

    Important dates and deadlines for period V course:

    24.04.2023: The beginning of the course.

    08.05.2023 (11:59 PM): Select the topic of your essay on the MyCourses page (your chosen reading package). This is a mandatory step. Failing to do so will result in your paper not being graded.

    02.06.2023 (11:59 PM): Nonnegotiable Deadline! Final deadline to submit your essay in the MyCourses submission box.

    Name your .pdf-submission to indicate the course code, “reading package type” of the assignment, and your last name. E.g., “MARK-C2022_Pricing_Yoon”


    ·       Complete all the assigned readings in your chosen package.

    ·       Discuss all the assigned readings in the essay (but you can focus on certain pieces of literature more than on others)

    ·       State the scope and objective of your essay clearly and demonstrate you have met them in your argumentation.


    Question: Can I attend the course in more than one period, e.g. start in period I and submit my essay in period III?

    Answer: Yes, that is possible. However, you need to register for the course in that period in which you want your course work to be graded. E.g. in this case, register in period III. Also, you need to fill in the topic selection questionnaire again in the period in which you are planning on submitting your work.

    Any questions? 

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