Topic outline

  • This platform is for FaCT MA students HOPS/PSP tutored by Julia  as well as for students writing the  MA Thesis under Julia's supervision. 

    For meetings, please book your slot in the Scheduler according to the topic of the discussion. 

    The groups inside this MyCourses module are created to enable communication as well make scheduling PSP-meetings and thesis supervising meetings easier. You should always be able to find available meeting slots in the scheduler. If there are no available slots, please email me.

    Information on the PSP (HOPS) plans / Sisu-tool

    All students make (and later edit) the Personal Study Plans (PSP) in SISU. Information on the FaCT curriculum can be found in INTO. After making the initial PSP plan, it is discussed in PSP meetings with supervising professor. In case there are changes to the plan, approvals need to be requested from Julia. These can be requested directly in the SISU tool. In case of major alterations and always when there is need for discussions, an individual meeting should be arranged.

    Here you can find information on the MA Design joint studies, the courses and information on the Thesis seminar and MA Thesis presentations.

    Thesis process NEW!

    Please follow the FaCT MA Thesis Platform in MyCourses. If you don't have access, please ask your supervisor to add you to the platform. The folders for submitting your MA Thesis Form, Thesis Part I and Thesis Part II are in the Assingments section. Forms and istructions for the Thesis process are in the Materials section.

    The abstract is submitted to enroll to the Thesis Part II presentations. Before submitting the abstract, it needs to be approved by your thesis supervisor. 

    The Final thesis needs to be approved by your advisor/s and finally by your supervisor after the Thesis Part II.