Topic outline

  • Cliff with Chinese characters, header for Chinese characters 1 course

    Course introduction:

    Students will learn how to write characters with the right stroke order, how to recognize some basic radicals, and will study characters historically and structually.

    Credits: 2

    Schedule: 15.1.-16.4. 2023

    Starting lecture: January 17th 17:00-18:30 in Zoom (link at the bottom of this page)

    Final Exam: The exam will be available from 14.4. 8:00 untill 16.4. 17:00, you can choose the most suitable time for yourself. You have 2h to complete the exam.

    Teacher: Saana Virtanen (

    Workload: 2 h Zoom lecture + 52 h self-study

    Assessment Criteria: Assignments (50%) + Final exam (50%), grade pass/fail

    Study materials: The book Chi le ma (by Jinhua Cheng + Sari Elina Annala + Veli-Matti Palomäki) and materials provided by the teacher.