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  • Chinese 1 - Part 2: Chinese Characters

    Course Introduction 课程介绍

    Welcome to the KiVANET Chinese 1 course. 

    The KiVANET Chinese 1 course is divided into two parts:

    1. Chinese pronunciation and oral communication: 3 credits

    2. Writing of Chinese Chratacters: 2 credits 

    This page contains the material and homework for part 2.

    Part 2:

    In this part you will learn the characters needed for the vocabulary used in the course Chinese 1, and gain the basic knowledge needed for the systematic self-study of Chinese characters.

    This part of the course is 2 credits. 1 credit means 27 hours of work. This means that the workload for part 1 will be 81 hours and for part 2 it will be 54 hours.


    The teacher for part 1 is Sari Elina Annala, contact email:

    The teacher for part 2 is Saana Virtanen, contact email:


    Grading for this course is 1-5. 

    • Written assignments 50 % of the grade
    • Exam at the end of the course 50% of the grade

    The grades should be in the system within 4 weeks of completing the course (December 30th).

    After that, you need to transfer the credits to your school. Please find information here on how to transfer the credits to your own school's system:  (Please find the English version by scrolling down on the page)

    Recorded lecture:

    I will post a recorded lecture on the basics of Chinese characters on this course page in the evening of 12.9. and you can view it at your own convinience, but I highly recommend you watch it before starting on the assignments.


    Please submit the assignments by the deadlines. You can find the 5 lessons that you have to complete on the left. Please note, the first lesson is opened on 12.9. and the second lesson becomes available on 20.9. and the last three will be available as soon as possible after that. Anouncements will be posted after each new part is available.

    Written Exam:

    The exam will take place at the end of this course. Make sure you have returned all of the assignments before attending the exam. The exam is open from 3.12. 8:00 to 4.12. 18:00, you can choose when you take it during that , and you have two hours to complete it. The exam has some hand written parts, so please make sure to have a camera with which to upload your writing.

    You can find the exam on the page left with the topic: Written Exam