• Assignments for the next session:

      For the following tasks, more instructions can be found inside the activities on this page:
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      The submission box is for the substitute assignment for those who couldn't be present in class on the second teaching session on 27.10.2022.


      Please read through slides of the second teaching session. Write a reflective write-up on based on the following questions:

      Why is interaction important in teaching?

      How can you promote interaction in your work as a teaching assistant?

      Recall a moment when you received constructive or unconstructive feedback and analyse it:

      • Who gave the feedback?
      • How was the situation?
      • How did you feel about it?
      • What was good/not so good in the situation?
      • Did you learn something from it? What did you learn?

      Reflect the theme of the day through your own experiences and expectations as a teaching assistant or student. You can also reflect on teaching and learning situations where interaction or feedback would have been needed.

      Please write one (1) to 1,5 A4 pages and submit it here to this assignment box.