Topic outline

  • Here you can find all information: groups, templates, links etc. for the group project. 


    • By 11.12. decide the development project topic, write description and justification to the report and provide a link to the report for the teachers
    • 14.12. third session of the course, mentoring teams announced
    • By 11.1. send the link to your report for your mentoring team (the report as it at this stage) and start preparing for mentoring (read the other groups report and make notes)
    • 18.1. fourth session of the course, team mentoring session (aim is to get support and ideas for others for the project)
    • 18.1.-8.2. prepare presentation of your project (report does not have to be ready yet)
    • 8.2. final session of the course, project presentations (report does not have to be ready yet)
    • 28.2. submit your final report



    • Sarvas Risto
    • Lindqvist Janne

    BIZ Department of Accounting

    • Derichs David
    • Beyer Bianca
    • Sormunen Nina

    BIZ Department of Management studies

    • Kibler Ewald
    • Chliova Myrto
    • Galkina Tamara

    ARTS: Urban Studied and Planning

    • Hewidy Hossam
    • Mady Christine

    ARTS: Department of Art (Taite)

    • Lehtinen Sanna
    • Tervo Sakari
    • Hohti Paula
    • Ziegler Denise
    • Sini Vihma
    • Nurminen Marja

    SCI Aalto Ventures Programme

    • Savage Paul
    • Kuikka Meri
    • Kaira Johannes
    • Lahdenne Simo
    • Hilavuo Sonja