Topic outline

  • On our fourth session 18.1.23 you will have a chance to learn about the projects and development issues of your course colleagues by mentoring/coaching each other. 

    AIM of the mentoring:

    • to coach the other team to move forward with their development project 
    • to get acquainted in a deeper level with other programme/major context
    • share experiences with another team and build shared understanding of the topics and maybe brainstorm solutions as well 

    HOW to do it:

    • Share a link to your development project report to the mentoring team members by 11.1.23: Group project report links for mentoring teams ( - if you prefer sharing the link via email, you can use the discussion forum to share your email addresses as well
    • Read the other team’s report before the fourth session (18.1.23)

    The report or the project does not have to ready at this point; you talk about the current situation of the project with the mentoring team and the mentoring team will help you move forward by asking questions and discussing the topic (a list of possible questions will be provided by the teachers)

    Mentoring pairs: 

    • ACCOUNTING (Derichs David, Beyer Bianca, Sormunen Nina) & SCI (Risto Sarvas, Janne Lindqvist)
    • MGM STUDIES (Kibler Ewald, Chliova Myrto, Galkina Tamara) &  AALTO VENTURES PROGRAMME (Savage Paul, Kuikka Meri, Kaira Johannes, Lahdenne Simo, Hilavuo Sonja)
    • USP (Hewidy Hossam, Mady Christine) & TAITE (Lehtinen Sanna, Tervo Sakari, Ziegler Denise, Sini Vihma, Nurminen Marja)