Topic outline

  • Welcome to the X-ray course!

    In this course, you will meet a group of researchers experienced in X-ray scattering methods for materials study. You will acquire fundamental knowledge as well as hands-on experiences in X-ray scattering technology, which we hope can have a positive impact on your research.

    Week 43 (2 hours lectures)
    Basic principles of XRD/WAXS/SAXS. X-ray facilities at AALTO NMC (Nanomicroscopy Centre) (by Ville Liljeström)

    Week 44 (2 hours lectures + 2 hours demonstration)
    SAXS/WAXS of colloids A (by Zhongpeng Lyu)

    Week 45 (2 hours lectures + 2 hours demonstration)
    SAXS/WAXS to study continuous polymeric materials and moisture interactions. (by Paavo Penttilä)

    Week 46 (2 hours lectures + 2 hours demonstration)
    Introduction of inorganic crystalline materials (single & poly), thin films, and their characterizable properties by scattering methods (by Glenn Ross)

    Week 47 (2 hours lectures + 2 hours of guided discussion)
    SAXS/WAXS of colloids B and synchrotron-based SAXS/WAXS (by Valentina Guccini)

    Week 48 28.11.2022 (presentation of the group discussion, 3 hours)

    Please find the details about CONTENT, ASSESSMENT AND WORKLOAD of this course in the "Syllabus".