Topic outline

  • Course Information

    Dates:          31.10.2022-12.12.2022

    Day:             Mondays

    Time:           09.00–12.15

    Room:         M203 (except 28.11  POSTI - U259)

    Teacher:      Malachy Halpin       



    Before the course starts, there is a pre-course assignment:

    A1 Pre-course assignment: problems and solutions in your field of study (due before first class on 31.10)

    see the link to the assignment and details below:


    This course introduces written and oral communication principles and strategies that are applicable to professional and academic purposes.

    Students begin by writing on a topic from their own field of study. To enhance readability of the texts, students apply organizational patterns, such as problem-solution, as well as employ other writing principles that make comprehension of sentences and paragraphs easier.

    Based on their written work, students deliver an oral presentation. As part of the learning process, students analyze presentations to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, as well as practice organizing and presenting information clearly to a non-expert audience.

    Throughout this course, students work individually, in pairs and in small groups to develop their presentation and writing skills. Moreover, students give and receive constructive feedback on their work and revise it accordingly.



            Small-group instruction          30

            Independent study                  51

            (includes 3 compulsory online modules)



    Course requirements

    Preparatory assignments       40

    Final report                             20

    Final presentation                   20

    Exam/reflection exercise         20

    Total                                        100


    Grading 1 – 5

    5       93 – 100

    4       85 – 92

    3       77 – 84

    2       69 – 76

    1       61 – 68

    Attendance and absences

    Participants are allowed 1 absence, each additional absence (=90 min lesson) reduces the total points by 5%. Preparatory assignments must be completed on time. Late submissions not accepted.

    No make-up work possible. Final assignment must be rewritten according to teacher's feedback and resubmitted.

    Teacher feedback on two written assignments

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