Topic outline

  • Negotiation in Planning

    (A 3-Day Intensive Course, 3 or 5 ECTS)

    Practical Information on the Course

    Contact sessions: 17-18-19 April 2023, 9:15-15:45

    Classroom: Rakentajanaukio 4A , room R3

    Assignments due by: 19 May 2023

    General Information on the Course

    Negotiation in Planning is a 3-day intensive course designed to build capacities to manage the complexity of conflicting interests and values by harnessing the benefits of interest-based negotiation strategy. The course instructor is an Aalto alumni Jonna Kangasoja, D.Sc. (Tech.), a leading professional in multiparty negotiation and public policy mediation with Akordi Oy.

    The course is suitable for master’s level students and doctoral students, and open to all Aalto University students. Priority is given to Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering Master’s Programme students, in the case of a high number of registrations.

     Students who take the course will learn the practical skills of:

    • Identifying interests
    • Communicating and negotiating effectively
    • Seeking relevant criteria in a negotiation
    • Generating options, which satisfy multiple interests
    • Assessing alternatives to negotiated agreements

    Teaching and learning methods include interactive negotiation exercises, which are multiparty role‐play simulations of resolving complex problems. These simulations are created and distributed by the inter‐university consortium “Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School”.


    Students get to choose their own workload corresponding to 3 or 5 ECTS.

    • 3 ECTS = Contact sessions in 3 days + reading one selected book + writing an essay (8 pages)
    • 5 ECTS  = Contact sessions in 3 days + reading two selected books + writing an essay (12 pages)

    Contact Information

    Course Instructor: Jonna Kangasoja, Co-Founder and CEO of Akordi,

    Teacher-in-Charge: Prof. Claudio Roncoli, Aalto University, 

    Teaching Assisstant: Oya Duman, Aalto University,