Topic outline

  • The Advanced Physics Laboratory (APL) course will be given in spring 2023 during periods III-V. The exact timetable is not known in advance, but each exercise will be given when it is suitable for the assistant, the equipment, the premises etc.

    Each student must participate in three exercises out of the 7 offered and individually write one full report and two lomake reports out of them. Each exercise session will be attended by two or three students at a time, while not linked to each other in any other way.

    Working times will be booked using the MyCourses scheduler one exercise at a time. MyCourses announcements will be used to inform students about new exercise sessions to book. There will be limited number of sessions available for each exercise and three student positions will be open in each session. Note however, that if just one position is occupied when the session is about to begin, the assistant may choose to cancel such an underbooked session and the student in question has to select another session or exercise. We advice that you should start working on the course early, rather than late, so that we avoid running out of sessions in the latter exercises.

    Do not come to the laboratory if feeling ill. Inform the assistant as soon as possible about any hindrance.