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  • Welcome

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    Welcome to the course Sustainability in Teaching!

    After completing this course, you will be able to 

    • understand the basics of the sustainability crisis, the concepts of sustainability/sustainable development and the sustainable development goals (SDG), and relate them to one’s own specific subject field 

    • identify and apply different approaches to integrate sustainability into teaching on course or programme level  

    • reflect how key competences for sustainability can be utilised in developing teaching in one’s own subject field 

    • design and apply learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment methods for integration of sustainability relevant themes in teaching   

    • reflect on the role of values and emotions in teaching in relation to the sustainability crisis  

    Download the detailed Course description from below and save it on your computer as a future reference.   

    Between the sessions all participants work independently.

    If you need to be absent from the session, please, see the subsection Compensatory tasks.

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