Topic outline

  • Welcome to the course!

    On this course you will have a chance to get acquainted with the curriculum planning and development practices in Aalto. The course provides you an opportunity to critically assess your curriculum, identify development needs as well as carry out a small development project. 

    Intended learning outcomes
    After the course you will be able to:

    • to discuss the different approaches of the curriculum in higher education
    • reflect the principles of constructive alignment in curriculum development 
    • to identify the curriculum development process and practices and reflect on them in relation to their degree programme/major/minor 
    • co-develop the curriculum together with the teaching team involved in the development 
    • identify and apply tools in curriculum development 
    • make a plan for continuous development

    Contact sessions

    Following Fridays on campus:

    • Fri 14.4. at 9.15-12.00: R028/R107 Väre
    • Fri 28.4. at 9.15-12.00: U401 Otakaari 1
    • Fri 12.5. at 9.15-12.00: U401 Otakaari 1
    • Fri 26.5. at 9.15-12.00: Y308 Otakaari 1
    • Fri 16.6. at 9.15-12.00: U401 Otakaari 1

    Timeline of the course

    If you need to be absent:

    There are five contact sessions in the course, and we hope you will be able to attend them all. If you need to be absent, we will give you a substitute assignment to compensate that session. Please, contact the teachers if you need to be absent!

    Course feedback:

    Link to the course feedback form.

    The official course feedback will be collected on the last session of the course, however questions, comments, ideas and wishes concerning the course are warmly welcome also during the course. You can quite freely share you ideas straight to us teachers or you can give anonymous feedback through Presemo (


    Pedagogical specialist Erika Myllyniemi (responsible teacher)
    Pedagogical specialist Jukka Välimäki (co-teacher)
    Specialist Noora Jaakkola (co-teacher)