Topic outline

  • Welcome to study managerial communication!

    We will meet in the classroom for the opening session on Wed 3.5 and for the closing session on Fri 12.5. The rest will be organized remotely.

    1.     Wed 3.5 at 16:15-19:30: Current trends in management in CLASS

          - paradigm shifts, tensions and paradoxes
          - finding your personal strengths as a leader
          - Language kit: structure, credibility and assertion

    2.     Fri 5.5 at 16:15-19:30: Emotionally intelligent managers in ZOOM
          - emotional skills and systems thinking
          - self-analysis
          - Language kit: style, tone and formality

    3.     Mon 8.5 at 16:15-19:30 Impactful managerial communication in ZOOM
          - goal-setting and performance management
          - personal growth
          - Language kit: coherence, concision and flow

    4.     Wed 10.5 at 16:15-19:30 Feedback and coaching in ZOOM
          - praise and interventions
          - question tactics
          - Language kit: reporting results and discussing implications

    5.     Fri 12.5 at 16:15-19:30: Sharing the lessons learned in CLASS
         - final presentations of case studies in groups
         - reflection of personal takeaways