Topic outline

  • General

    Contents of the course
    Session 1: Second quantization, mean-field and spontaneous symmetry breaking
    Session 2: Symmetries, reciprocal space, Bloch’s theorem
    Session 3: Band structure theory, tight binding and effective models
    Session 4: Topological band structure theory
    Session 5: Electrons in a magnetic field, quantum Hall effect and Landau Levels
    Session 6: Superconductivity, Nambu representation and Majorana physics
    Session 7: Magnetism, magnons, quantum magnetism and spinons
    Session 8: Excitations and defects in quantum materials
    Session 9: Tensor network and neural network many-body wavefunctions
    Session 10: Machine learning for quantum materials
    Session 11: Summary

    Completion of the course
    - The evaluation of the course will be based on a combination of assignments of the contact sessions, presentations that you will make on advanced topics in quantum materials, and oral exams.
    - Attendance to 80% of the in-person sessions is required, including contact sessions and group presentations. This corresponds to attending at least 17 out of 21 in-person sessions.

    Total of 5 ECTS, 133.5 hours
    - Contact sessions, reading assignments and recorded lectures (64 hours)
    - Presentation sessions, preparation and assignments (40 hours)
    - Preparation of the oral exams and reflection (29.5 hours)

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