Topic outline

  • General

    The first meeting of the course is held on *Friday* 8.9 while the remaining classroom meetings are on Thursdays. The first and second meetings take place in class U119 (kandikeskus/Undergraduate center) and are held jointly for the English and the Finnish program seminar group and will be taught by Miri Stryjan. Nelli Valmari who will be supervising the theses in Finnish will also be present in the first meeting. 

    Start already thinking about a subject area that interests you, which you can possibly do your bachelor's thesis on (this is not yet binding, but it makes it easier to start the seminar). Return a preliminary topic or area of interest in the return box on this page below by Tuesday 12.9. at 23.59.

    The time schedule of the seminar is being updated under "Time schedule" (on the left). In particular, the number of seminars for student presentations may be changed, depending on the number of students in the group. For a description of the seminar, see syllabus (on the right). For further guidance, see the pdf-document “BSc in Economics guide 2022” under "Materials" (on the left).